Zaki Ilyasov, Baymak protest participant, fell into a coma after being detained by police

Zaki Ilyasov, Baymak protest participant, fell into a coma after being detained by police

In the Search for information about people who suffered repressions after provocations in Baymak channel, a relative of the activist has written that Zaki now feels better, he began to walk a little, asked for the medicine for stomach and sedatives.

On April 24, Zaki came to the station on his own, because on April 19, the police threatened to put him on the wanted list if he would not come. Then he was immediately detained. The arrest took place at half past seven in the morning, and an hour later he was admitted to the hospital, after which he spent a day in a coma, the public pages “ЗПЧ” and “RusNews” report.

During the Baymak protest, police detained 80 people. The rushists killed two of them – Rifat Daudov and Miniyar Bayguskarov. All the rest were beaten, including with serious consequences for health, as happened to Dim Davletkildin and Zaki Ilyasov.

It is interesting that Zaki participated in rushist victory frenzies and gatherings, he himself believed in imperial nonsense, but this did not save him when he decided to stand up for his nation in front of the empire. You can pretend to be the best friend of the Russian imperials as much as you like, but always, till you have not yet begun to consider yourself Russian and have not renounced your culture, you are an enemy to them, a stranger. Moreover, the Russian world cannot tolerate “upstarts” – those who want something, demand something, show initiative, strive for something. Everyone should be gray and quiet, silently wait for the king’s command, splashing out their energy only during mass drinking bouts or directing it against those who do not support the empire or against people from other countries.


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