Yoshkar-Ola region become related with a part of Zaporizhzhya region

Yoshkar-Ola region become related with a part of Zaporizhzhya region

The gauleiters of the occupied republics continue to demonstrate that the republican status does not mean anything and will soon be abolished by the imperials, so they are already equating the entire republics and individual occupied areas of ordinary regions.

Having destroyed Kamenka city, the orcs staged another performance with “charity”. Mari El will now “maintain” Kamenka’s schools for 3 years. They will buy ideologically correct textbooks to educate patriots loyal to the “russian race”, make cosmetic repairs in bombed-out schools, take children to Mari camps for re-education and additional brainwashing so that they can live in “normal russian conditions” and forget their killed relatives, neighbors and friends, and also so that by being in these camps, not knowing and not being able to learn the Mari language, they additionally russify the Mari children and russify themselves. The new Ukrainian and Mari janissaries, raised on the money of the Mari people, will defend the empire from any uprising in Mari El.

Just as in China the relatives of the executed people pay for the bullets, so here the Mari people will pay themselves for the upbringing of their executioners – both with money and resources, and with their own children. As each of our republics pays.


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