Worse than Hitler?

Kremlin teaches us all that there was no one worse than the Nazis.

Dzhokhar Dudayev, President of Ichkeria, said that rashism is worse than Hitler’s Nazism, communism and fascism combined.

Have you ever seen such stories in Hitler’s propaganda videos, where the incredible joy of striking civilians is expressed?

Have you seen in Hitler’s propaganda even a hint that the Nazis are taking revenge on the civilian population of another country for the fact that this population lives better than they?

“And who allowed you to live so beautifully?” The whole essence of this war is precisely in this phrase, written by the invaders in one of the houses in Kyiv region.

We, the peoples of Idel-Ural, are also hated by rashists, and you know this. They hate us because we have a chance to get out of Kremlin slavery, and they will always be there. They hate it with black envy because we have our own national languages ​​and our own culture, while they lost everything when the empire turned them into Russians. They hate us because we don’t want to be slaves of the empire.


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