Will the Tatars repeat the Uighur way?

Will the Tatars repeat the Uighur way?

While the Tatars looked with fear at the fate of the Uighurs in communist China, a similar fate crept up on them, which is no longer even the future, but the present.

The recalcitrant to the empire Tatarstan children will be re-educated in special camps, called “temporary detention centers for juvenile offenders under the Ministry of Internal Affairs.” Children can be sent there even for the slightest dissatisfaction with the empire, the tsar, or for a personal opinion, for participating in a rally, or if your child simply walked next to the people who held the rally.

Irina Volynets, the Commissioner for Children’s Detatarization Rights in Tatarstan, has already spoken out in support of the document on such measures.


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