Will New Russia be fascist?

Will New Russia be fascist?

In the light of new trends in the Russian state genesis, questions arise that disturb the consciousness of the layman. Here the Great Pu signs a decree on the accession of new territories to the Russian Federation. Here a part of these territories immediately, without asking, goes back to Ukraine. Here the court herald Peskov voices a new doctrine of collecting lands, “We will take as much as we can, but we do not yet know how much it is. We will consult with the population of the territories.” At this time, the media space is actively discussing the hypothetical disintegration of Russia due to the collapse of the state administration mechanism, the signs of which are already evident, the same Kadyrov, for example, stating that Russia, they say, is great and rich, but there is no order, sorry. Therefore, he will take a slightly different path from the Russian state, he will not carry out mobilization, contrary to the law adopted by the State Duma.

The range of opinions about the future structure of “Post-Russia” is wide and varied, from the parade of sovereignty of national entities to Russian national socialism of the Ilyinsky type. Yes, now some people remember Ivan Ilyin, who a hundred years ago proposed to reform the state into the most fascist state. Taking this opportunity, we update in memory the biography of the passenger of the “philosophical ship”.

Ilyin Ivan Alexandrovich (1883-1954) is a Russian philosopher, writer, publicist. He was born in Moscow, the Russian Empire. Ideologist of the Russian Combined Arms Union. Hegelian, one of the ideologists of Russian messianism and fascism, critic of communism and the collective West. He participated in the flights of the German passenger ships “Oberbürgermaster Haken” (September, 29-30) and “Preussen” (November, 16-17) in 1922, which by force took out to the West more than 160 scientists, writers, philosophers, professors of higher educational institutions of the country expelled from Petrograd to Stettin. He died in Switzerland. He influenced the worldview of Russian right-wing thinkers and politicians, in particular, Alexander Solzhenitsyn. He was often quoted by Vladimir Putin.

Some people consider quite seriously the words of the “passenger” about the impossibility of reforming / fragmenting the Russian state mechanism, “Dismembering it would be a political adventure unprecedented in history, the disastrous consequences of which humanity would suffer for a long time.” We seem to have heard something similar from President Putin. He spoke of “the greatest tragedy of the twentieth century” – the disintegration of the USSR.

Why do the thoughts of Ilyin and Putin coincide so much? It seems to me that the answer is simple: both are fascists.

Again, a passing question arises, why does Russia, no matter what it builds, always get an empire in the fascist version?

Those same Decembrists, wanting to overthrow the tsar and build a new society, do you know what they offered? An empire without an emperor, but with such brutal centralization, such totalitarianism, so sharpened to hunt down and suppress dissent, to expansion, that Mussolini and Franco are just relaxing. The only way! A state led by a leader, the idea of ​​national exclusiveness, a single state religion, a cult of power, subjugation or physical liquidation of those who disagree.

In another way, unfortunately, the Russians do not know how … Although it is impossible to say that they have not tried. There was a Pretender who appeared in Moscow with the Polish people during the Time of Troubles. He tried, a dreamer, to plant the foundations of European views, he was torn apart by the crowd. There was Alexander the First the Parricide (the one who sanctioned the physical removal of his “father” – Emperor Paul the First (another, in modern terms, half-reformer-half-fascist)). Then there was Alexander the Second Liberator, the most successful Russian tsar. He was so far advanced in the transformation of the Russian socio-economic and administrative jungle that the population could no longer withstand the rampant liberalism and democracy of the Western type and safely sent the Liberator to the next world. Well, the Russian folk bosom does not tolerate transplantation of donor Western organs. They do not take root, there are protein incompatibility, immune rejection. And no hormone therapy helps.

Now behind the back of our President is the party of war, which puts at stake all its movable and immovable, moral and material… Loss is tantamount to death! The ideas of Russian fascism are in the air and are seen as the most suitable model for the existence of Post-Russia, which allows one to be saved. In case of failures at the front and the threat of a cascading disintegration of the state, the  party of war will try to implement the scenario of building a new version of Russia – in the author’s opinion, it may be close to Ilyinsky’s.

The population is ready to “grab” this option. After all, they won’t tell him “we are building fascism”! They will say: something new, good, folk and democratic. But only “Russian” folk and democratic. Be careful with this word. If they begin to press on Russianness, then again at the expense of the Tatars with the Bashkirs, at the expense of the Yakuts, Buryats, Tuvans, the peoples of the Caucasus …

Of course, they will be announced make-believe that they are also one hundred percent Russian, the same as everyone else. But this is to throw them into the furnace of a new war or to make them raw materials for a new social experiment. And the most favorable conditions for the transformation of the Motherland will be offered precisely by the party of war fleeing from collapse. The deceived people will understand later that this is fascism.

Therefore, we do not trust anyone, we are not afraid of anything, we do not ask for anything. We are getting ready to take everything into our own hands!

And we remember Bertolt Brecht, “The womb that bore the reptile is still capable of bearing fruit!” It’s about fascism. And this is also suitable for Russia!


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