Why will Russia never have its own technologies?

Why will Russia never have its own technologies?

Let’s take at least one sunken cruiser “Moscow” with its crew. This is a flagship cruiser designed specifically for combat with NATO aircraft carrier groups. And it was drowned with only two rockets of 40 million bucks each. But that’s not the point. Its value is about 750 million dollars, only the cruiser itself, without ammunition, without additional weapons and other rubbish.

The cost of the Hubble telescope, which allowed humanity to look at our universe in a new way and discover thousands of exoplanets, tens of thousands of galaxies and new physical laws, is approximately 2.5 billion dollars. That is, the price of three “Moscow” cruisers. And this is only one cruiser out of 18 sunken ships, but here we still need to sum up several thousand military vehicles, tanks, howitzers, several hundred helicopters and airplanes, as well as add costs for fuel, ammunition, uniforms, soldiers’ food, funeral and monthly payments, losses from international sanctions, and so on and so forth.

With this money, it would be possible to start building not just a colony on Mars, but even a space fleet. But the Russian-communist essence never aspired to development as such – all its “technological leaps” were always made due to a plain theft of other people’s achievements or due to appropriation of the achievements of conquered nations.

The picture shows the exoplanet KOI-3010.01, which is considered habitable with a probability of 84%.

KOI-3010.01 is approximately 1.78 times larger and 2 times heavier than the Earth, and completes a full  rotation around its parent star in 60.87 days.

The exoplanet perfectly “fits”  the habitable zone. It was discovered with the Hubble.

At the same time, Russia, in the person of Medvedev, officially and joyfully declares that it will be engaged in piracy of Hollywood films at the state level. This is its level – it does not create, but steals and brags. 

 It is possible to add here that the national republics of the Russian Federation will forever be a part of this zone of backwardness and ignorance. However,  in the near future, the republics will cease to exist, and the indigenous peoples will be exterminated afterwards. Because we are of no interest to the imperial savages. We prevent them from being wild.


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