Why is it really worth being afraid not of the collapse of the Russian Federation, but of the fact that it will not happen?

Why is it really worth being afraid not of the collapse of the Russian Federation, but of the fact that it will not happen?

Who and why scares the world with the collapse of the Russian Federation? Why   will the world actually benefit from this? Here is how the Forum of Free Peoples of Post-Russia answers these questions.

The entire current Kremlin vertical, as well as its various offshoots-heirs – both the crazy imperials ala Prigozhin-Kadyrov, and the pseudo-liberal Moscow pseudo-opposition crowd (the same KGB wolves, only temporarily in sheep’s clothing) – continue to promote narratives of impossibility and catastrophic scenarios for the collapse of Russia.

And, unfortunately, a lot of people still believe in these manipulations and mantras, including some stakeholders and opinion leaders in the NATO and EU countries, considering Russia’s self-preservation as a single state to be absolutely non-alternative and self-evident.

It seems that in this ecstasy of “risks”, “chaos” and “threats” from the dismantling of the Russian Federation, many people forget what a blessing the collapse of the USSR was for the whole world and Europe, and today only those regret it who consider it (sorry for quoting the terrorist) “the biggest geopolitical catastrophe of the XX century” – you and I know well who exactly…

But, of course, tens of millions of free citizens  Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Estonia, Armenia, Suomi, Sakartvelo, Germany, Moldova, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, etc.will not agree  with this crazy war criminal and about 85% of the inhabitants of the Russian Federation who are today infected by him with the virus of rashism (a mix of the cargo cult of victory craziness and the former illusory “greatness”). In their imperial propaganda, the KGB appeals to four main “threats from the collapse of the Russian Federation”:

1. The spread of nuclear weapons.

2. Strengthening of China.

3. The cost and guarantees of the resources supply (primarily gas and oil).

4. War of all against all.

We have something to answer to all this cheap propaganda nonsense:

1. All new states of the post-Russia agree and immediately without fail, under the control of the IAEA, the UN, the EU countries and the NATO, completely renounce nuclear weapons (as well as all types of other weapons of mass destruction), which ensures the complete denuclearization of all of Eastern Europe and North Asia.

2. Newly independent states in Central and East Asia – the Pacific Federation (Primorye, Amur region, the northern part of Karafuto), the United States of Siberia, Buryatia, the Republic of Kamchatka and Chukotka, Altai, Khakassia, Tuva and others – will be primarily economic and trade partners, as well as allies for Japan, the Republic of Korea, the United States, the Republic of China (Taiwan), Canada and Australia, and not the PRC.

That is, exactly on the contrary, they will restrain the increasingly inadequate imperial ambitions of the PRC in the North, which will significantly reduce the space for maneuver of “emperor Xi” with the company in the South, Southeast and East of Asia.

It is possible that a certain analogue of the NATO will appear in East Asia and / or the Pacific region to restrain militarism, expansion and aggression of the PRC, where, in addition to the above countries, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and even India will be able to join.

3. There is no “Russian” gas and oil. There is Tyumen, Bashkir, Nogai and Tatar gas. There is no “Russian” gold, timber, diamonds, grain, nickel and aluminum. There are Siberian, Buryat, Ural, Oirat, Karelian, Yakut, Kuban, Don and Pomorian.

Russian today there are only imperialism, colonial policy, terrorism, hopelessness and madness.

When the Imperial Russian Federation ceases its formal existence, instead of one very unreliable, aggressive and inadequate intermediary – Kremlin with nuclear warheads and propaganda RT and Sputnik TV, it will be replaced by several different, competing suppliers who will fight for a buyer. The cost of resources will not only normalize due to the reduction of the influence of political, off-market factors on prices, but will also significantly diversify.

In short, buyers and consumers (primarily in the EU countries) will benefit significantly.

4. Yes, the risks of new conflicts, especially in certain areas of the “split” are possible. But, as the experience of the collapse of the USSR shows, if such things are not artificially stimulated from the outside (primarily by Moscow, and now, perhaps, even by Beijing), they can be preventive minimized.

All states of the post-Russian space are interested in peace and compromise, since they are the guarantee of their own development, success and international investment.

And we still don’t recall all the additional benefits, both global (nuclear, economic, resource, military, energy, climate), and regional (Middle East, Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Sahel region) and local (Ukraine, Syria, Belarus, Bosnia, Moldova, Sakartvelo), geopolitical benefits from the dismantling of the current Russian Federation: the cessation of support-curatorship of the terrorist and extremely authoritarian regimes around the world (Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan, Belarus, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, etc.), the end of “politics” of pumping with dirty bloody money and resources of all ultra-right and ultra-left forces in the EU countries, the creation and support of terrorist structures around the world, hybrid attacks and proxy wars (cyber-, electoral and direct action, such as the explosion of warehouses in the Czech Republic and “Novichok” in the UK), a significant reduction in oil and gas blackmail, the cessation of “activities” – lawlessness of PMCs in Central Africa, an instant end of aggression, occupation and war in Ukraine, etc.


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