“Why do you Russians love Russia?” Chuvash asked the Chuvashes

It sounds surreal, but it is the fact.

A YouTuber with a large English-speaking audience came to the remote Poshnary village, Yadrinskyy district of Chuvashia, to film what the “Russian hinterland” looks like for foreign viewers.

According to the 2002 census, 99% of the village inhabitants are Chuvashes.

Interestingly, with all its post-apocalyptic nature, it is also designated in the official census not as a dying out, but as a village with population growth:

· in 2002 there were 349 inhabitants;

· in 2010 288 inhabitants left there;

· and in 2012 they already multiplied to 374 inhabitants.

That is, in 2 years, out of nowhere and it is not known how, as in a remote, endangered village, where there are not even important regional roads and most of the yards are empty (one grandfather spoke about this in the video), as many as 86 new residents have been added. And this is without any “great migrations” of the peoples of the Stalinist scope. This is how Putin’s statistics of the population “growth” in the under-superpower are being done.

Unfortunately, mankurtization of the population is also successful in this village: no one from the locals told the YouTuber that their homeland is Chuvashia, and not incomprehensible Russia, although almost everyone tried to speak Chuvash with him. And the YouTuber, who knows the Chuvash language, is probably also a Chuvash – Russians do not learn the languages ​​of indigenous peoples, and the YouTuber understands Chuvash quite well, although he does not speak it. However, he already considers himself to be Russian and considers all the inhabitants of this village as Russians. (This is a reminder if someone doubts where the Russians actually come from.)

Of course, as in all such villages, they live there in extreme poverty, in poverty, but they know that “the whole world is afraid of us, we will beat Europe and the USA” and that the enemy is Ukraine. After all, it was Ukraine that brought such poverty and disaster to the Chuvash lands. Therefore, now the natives of this land are coming to Ukraine to turn it into a copy of Poshnary endangered village, only worse.

But Ukraine will be rebuilt and restored. It is free and the whole world helps it. And who will help Chuvashia, while the Chuvashes still exist, until they all disappeared, mimicking Russians or simply dying out?


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