Why did the Erzya diaspora of Estonia ignore the congress?

In Estonia, there are two Erzya societies, and the number of Erzya or people with Erzya roots is in the hundreds of people (someone gives numbers of a thousand or more). Erzya organizations, however, like the entire Erzya diaspora in Estonia, ignored the Erzya congress in Otepää. It is no secret that the Erzya people of Estonia are afraid of the national movement like fire. Even after the start of the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war, the Erzya diaspora of Estonia prefers to remain silent and speaks out only in cases where it is simply impossible to sit quietly, because one can get into obstruction by the Estonians.

Generally, this problem among the Tatars is much larger than among the Erzya. There are many Tatar organizations and national societies in the world. Most often, structures of the Russian embassy or agents of influence of Naryshkin’s department, working under the umbrella of Rossotrudnichestvo, hide behind high-profile names.

The Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation managed not only to take the diasporas of the enslaved peoples of the Russian Federation under strict control, but also to completely paralyze their activities, turning them into tea clubs and circles of folk choral singing.

How is it possible to change the situation? Our recipe is the following:

1. Creation of new centers for emigrant attraction, that is, by creating healthy national emigration structures that are engaged at least in protecting the rights of their people and interested in life in their homeland. Dragging the most active and devoted people from the old organizations to the new ones.

2. The split of diaspora organizations where there is something to split. As we know, shit does not split into pieces, so it often makes no sense to “rescue” or “treat” such organizations.

3. Bringing to light those traitors who, under the guise of “leaders” and “activists”, follow instructions of the embassy of the Russian Federation and Rossotrudnichestvo. The leadership of host countries should stop funding security officers on their territory, whether they are Erzyans, Mari, Udmurts, Tatars, Chuvashs or Bashkirs. Contacts with the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation and the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation are toxic, even if they are carried out under the legend of “cultural exchange” or “Sabantuy in the homeland.”


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