“Who should one be, a Nazi or a fascist?” In Kazan, Putin’s soldiers are not allowed into restaurants and nightclubs because of their military uniforms

Several establishments turned them down together. Yesterday, at least three videos circulated on Z-channels in Kazan with men in military uniforms of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, who are trying to get into nightlife establishments, but the employees ask the military to go home and change clothes.

During the war, they are used to living in seized cottages, driving around in seized luxury cars, even entering bank vaults and laboratories with the help of a tank – and here, in their hometown, they are refused and it is made clear that their uniform means nothing.

— Are we second-class people? Are you against the Special Military Operation, against us?

— We are not against you, there are internal rules of the club, there is a dress code.

“They equated military uniform to sports uniform. The guys were in camouflage and even showed medals, but the security workers, and then the director, still completely closed the entrance to him. Who should one be, a Nazi or a fascist?” they ask in the publication of a Z-channel. 

But the city mayor’s office promptly stood up for the participants in the war in Ukraine.

“Friends, we respect the participants of the Special Military Operation and believe that the situation they got in raises questions. We see no legitimate reason for refusing to enter the club in military uniform. We will contact the owners of these establishments, and we are sure that law enforcement agencies will give a legal assessment to the actions of their representatives,” the mayor’s office said in the Telegram channel.

One of Kazan bars, where military personnel in uniform were not allowed in, has already apologized and promised to fire the employees “involved in the situation”.

“We offer our deepest apologies for the situation occurred. We have great respect for everyone who fights for our country. You protect the peace of us and our children,” the message says.

By the way, why should one wear a military uniform in civilian life? Apparently, they believe that the uniform adds something to them, helps them in some ways, but they are not able to understand people who do not support the war and have no respect for military clothing. A part of the Kazan youth does not like Russians, another part does not like the military, a third part badly perceives both of them… And the owners of places of recreation are simply afraid to get trouble from the warriors – what if he is from the “Wagner group” – he can get drunk and start waving a grenade?


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