Who lives well in the empire?

Who lives well in the empire?

If you don’t die for the Russian world, they despise you because you are “not Russian”.

If you die for the Russian world, they still despise you, because you are “non-Russian”, even though it is “our non-Russian”, which should be set as an example to other “non-Russians”.

Because “non-Russians will always betray and stab in the back” – the Muscovites, after all, perfectly understand the attitude of the conquered peoples towards themselves and try not to trust even those mankurts who would happily perish for them in battles with the endless enemies of the empire.

After all, whoever is a mankurt today can become a nationalist tomorrow. There have already been such cases in history, if the process of mankurtization has not yet been fully completed, that is, if a person is not yet completely Russian.

Of course, one could offer the imperials to refuse from the empire and live in peace, not expecting a “stab in the back”, but they are masochists who hope, after the assimilation of some peoples, to assimilate others – and so on until the whole planet becomes Russian.


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