Who is “a close person” for the Kremlin?

Who is “a close person” for the Kremlin?

There is a fairly widespread opinion that the Kremlin and the Russian Federation as a whole as a state  cares only about the so-called Russians and no one else. But is this concern for Russians so great, and why do Russians often consider themselves the most oppressed part of the population of the empire they adore so much?

When the accident at Chernobyl nuclear power plant occurred in 1986, and radiation contamination spread to many territories of Belarus and Ukraine, the most contaminated territories will later be called the “Exclusion Zone” in Ukraine, and the “Radiation Reserve” in Belarus.

A few days after the accident, many regional centers and smaller towns in the territories of the former Zalesye and Nechernozemie region – Yaroslavl, Kaluga, Kostroma, Vyazma, Vologda, etc. (that is, in those cities that are considered to be provinces of the historical territory of Moscow state) – meat, stew, condensed milk, which were then scarce goods, began to be massively supplied. The local population, which had previously stood in long queues for many hours for these products and still did not always receive them, was delighted with such a sudden abundance and rushed to buy as much as possible.

This kind of fair was also joined by visitors from other regions and republics, who were passing through, visited relatives or came for work, or who specially arrived when there were rumors that there was no shortage of such goods in this area. Then they carried these purchases to their homes.

But how are the radiation catastrophe in the Ukrainian SSR and the suddenly stopped deficit a few hundred kilometers from the nearest border of Ukraine related?

And everything is corny simple: Ukrainians already knew about radiation contamination and simply did not buy food products produced in the affected territories. In addition, the mass slaughter of all poultry, as well as all cattle in the area of ​​​​resettlement of people that fell under the greatest influence of radiation, all this meat was taken for sale to the “original” lands of Muscovy.

Does such “help to the needy” look like an act of caring for their own people? It is quite obvious that it is not so. Why did it happen that the leadership of the empire treated that part of its population that was the most privileged for it?

Yes, many of these goods were perishable, and it was simply unrealistic to take them somewhere too far. But do not forget about canned food made from infected meat and milk, they could have been brought anywhere and even “sold” to some “brotherly” communist power. However, this was not done. Because this is not only additional transportation costs, but also wasted time, and time was playing against the Kremlin then, because rumors about radioactive food spread quite quickly.

Why did the empire of the so-called Russians sacrifice these same Russians?

The answer is rather banal. The Empire is a system. The system of robbery and terror of the enslaved population. And by and large, it doesn’t care who to rob and who to profit from, the main thing is profit and “increase” in territories with new slaves. You should not assume that slaves are more valuable to the empire than the opportunity to cash in on them somehow, and then they will all die from radiation. Slaves are just a resource. The same as all other resources that are in the empire, both natural and man-made.

Muscovites, or, as they call themselves, “Russians” occupy a privileged position in this system for only one simple reason – the whole system rests on them. They are its main, but not the only source of slaves. Slaves who are the most obedient and the most faithful, for these are brought out by the empire under construction from the representatives of many captured and mankurtized peoples with only one single purpose – to support its own existence. They are not the cause of its existence, but only a consequence of this existence. However, at the same time they are taught that it was they who created this system. And so they also voluntarily want to develop it. After all, how not to develop “your” brainchild?

At the same time, Muscovites sometimes consider themselves the most oppressed by the Kremlin.

Why? Because the empire constantly needs to expand, and the already “settled down” conditions of their life and culture are constantly violated by regular influxes of newly captured peoples who have already become “Russians”, but have not yet become completely “Russians”. In time they will, if the empire continues to exist. And then already these “new-old Russians” will consider themselves oppressed in comparison with the “new Russians”.

Unless, of course, we break this hellish Moscow whirlpool. And we will break it, right?


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