When you are a populist peacemaker for Moscow money

When you are a populist peacemaker for Moscow money

A certain analogue of Khabirov, who incites the Tatars against the Bashkorts of the republic under his control on instructions from Moscow. And the promise to send armies of millions against Egypt (to the delight of the same Moscow, which is waiting for even greater destabilization of the region) is nothing more than a similar attempt by Khabirov to overtake other Moscow henchmen in the quantities of cannon fodder supplied for the Kremlin’s imperial wars.

Abiy Ahmed Ali is known to the world as the Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the leader of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF).

Abiy’s father was from the Oromo people and was a Muslim, and his mother was from the Amhara people and was Orthodox Christian. At the age of 14, Abiy joined the Insurgent Tigray Liberation Army – left-wing nationalists (National Bolsheviks), fighting for the independence of the northern part of the country from Ethiopia, which then lived according to Marxist-Leninist ideology. Eritrea also fought on the Tigray side. In the army, Abiy learned the Tigrinya language, so he was fluent in both the Oromo and Amhara languages, as well as the language of Tigray population.

Being both the son of the Muslim and the Orthodox Christian, he also knew really well the language and culture of Oromo, Amhara and Tigrinya (a part of Ethiopia and all of Eritrea), Abiy demonstrated himself as a peacemaker. Supposedly he knows all the main cultures of the country and will become the saving straw in the endless civil and international wars in the region. He even received the Nobel Peace Prize for his activity, which they now want to take away from him. After all, everything happened the other way around – he just inflamed more the wars between Christians and Muslims, between the Oromo, Amhara and Tigrinya. Since the conflict is interethnic and not interreligious, there are both Christians and Muslims on all three sides of the war.

Wanting to maintain his power and make it limitless, Abiy decided to brutally suppress any disobedience to his will. He absolutely does not care about Muslims and Christians. He also has no national bias: being both Oromo and Amhara, and raised among the Tigrinya, he treats all three peoples with equal cruelty. All three armies have committed and are committing ethnic cleansing, as well as persecution on ethnic grounds. Under Abiy, persecution on the basis of dislike towards his person was also added. Abiy’s main troops are Oromo, but not only.

In 2023, after a meeting with Putin, this peacemaker said Ethiopia has “historic rights” to Eritrean lands because the independent Eritrea interferes with Ethiopia’s access to the sea. In addition, Abiy promised that he would send a multi-million army against Egypt if Egypt tried to somehow prevent the construction of a huge dam on the Nile River, which could deprive already deserted Egypt of a significant part of its water resources.

Both the Eritrean authorities and the Ethiopian authorities are equally allies of the Kremlin. Both regimes in both countries are financed by Moscow so that terror in the region only intensifies – Moscow wants to control the natural resources of the Horn of Africa, and for this it is necessary that both countries do not develop – they can buy from beggars for next to nothing and they will not be able to provide significant resistance, being busy with internal squabbles.


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