What will happen if the war in Ukraine ends for Putin with a truce on his terms?

What will happen if the war in Ukraine ends for Putin with a truce on his terms?

Ruslan Gabbasov, head of the Bashkir political center, talks about this.

For the national republics, this is the worst possible scenario.

Everyone remembers Putin’s words about the national republics of the USSR as a “time bomb”. So he spoke about the right to secede from the union republics.

It has long been clear that Putin’s dream is a unitary empire, and he has been moving towards this dream for many years.

All his actions to destroy the sovereignties of the republics, institutions of presidency, national languages, withdrawal of republican property, distorting national history, repressing national figures and much more, led to one goal – the gradual dilution of the national republics and their further liquidation.

While there is the war with Ukraine, Putin will not touch the national republics. So far, he needs Bashkirs, Dagestanis, Buryats, Tuvans, Chechens, Tatars and many other representatives of indigenous peoples in order to conquer and plant the “russian world” with their help.

Fighting with their help, he simultaneously solves another problem – he utilizes the most passionate society in russia.

If only a truce will be concluded on Putin’s terms, the first thing he will do is kill everyone who was against the war. Repression will overwhelm russia.

Having dealt with objectionable, the next step is to liquidate the national republics.

All this talks about the decolonization of russia, the independence of national republics, the disintegration of russian regions scares Moscow.

And as soon as they resolve issues in Ukraine, they will 100% destroy all the republics to the delight of imperials like Dugin, Kholmogorov or Strelkov.

So, fighters from the national republics, think about what you are fighting for.

You are fighting for the liquidation of your own republics!

Maybe it’s time to turn the weapon (which you have in your hands) against the empire?

This war will decide everything. Or it will reset everything.

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