What Putin is counting on?

What Putin is counting on?

The popular journalist and civic activist Serhiy Smyrnov is telling about it.

Tens of thousands of ordinary men will go to the front now. There are no doubts that Ukraine will continue to attack, and these men with assault rifles and tanks that were made in the 60s at their best will be used to start plugging a hole at the front.

Taking into account the western weaponry and Ukrainian experience, there will be a lot of coffins.

As strange as it may be, Putin will try to turn it to his advantage as much as possible. Propaganda will work in the following direction: here, look at the enemies, they are killing ordinary Russians by NATO’s hands and so on. Putin hopes that this will turn into a real hatred of Ukrainians from friends, acquaintances, and relatives. That is millions of people that don’t understand anything about the denazification.

His aim is that people blame not him and his putrid imperial ambitions for the death of thousands of people, but Ukrainians. And there is no doubt that he will put a lot of effort into it. Meanwhile, the propaganda will write something like “kill a Ukrainian”. There should be left no good people.


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