What nation is next to replace the Jews?

What nation is next to replace the Jews?

Moses Maimon, “Again at home”, 1906. A Jewish soldier returned from the imperial war and he found out that his family perished in a massacre.

The same massacres happened not only after losing the war with Japan, which Muscovy also attacked. The same massacres took place after the loss in the First World War.

Because the RuZZian population of the empire believed that “our boys died, which means that someone must answer for this – someone is to blame for this, and he must be punished.” This population will never blame themselves – they will never admit that getting involved in any war was a mistake, they will never recognize themselves as an aggressor.

The imperials have always chosen as “guilty” those peoples who would not be able to give a fitting rebuff due to their small number in the empire.

When this population finally understands that the present war is also lost, they will in the same way begin to look for “guilty people” inside the empire and appoint “scapegoats”, starting a new “witch hunt”. And again, those peoples who will not be able to resist the imperials will suffer.


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