What language should evil speak?

What language should evil speak?

In Zelenogorsk kindergarten, one of the mothers caused a scandal because of the presence of British symbols in the room. When the children began to learn English, they decided to introduce them to British culture by playing a ‘travel game’: the kindergarten had a portrait of the Queen, British red toy buses, flags, and the children had toy British passports. This theme has been approved by the parents of most children themselves.

But one ‘patriotic mother’ noticed the propaganda of an unfriendly country in all this and reported the information to the mayor.

After that, the British symbolism was removed by the educators.

With the Iron Curtain coming back in the near future, they will soon begin to demand an end to teaching children the languages of hostile countries. It will be fashionable to learn the languages of Eritrea and Eswatini.

However, another scenario is more likely: Russia will simply stop learning foreign languages. After all, you never know which country will become unfriendly next.


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