We deploy the submarine and look at the Admiralteyskaya Sloboda: real life in the center of Kazan

We deploy the submarine and look at the Admiralteyskaya Sloboda: real life in the center of Kazan

While the submarine named K561 Kazan is entertaining the elderly Cuban Communist Party, let’s see what the Admiralteyskaya Sloboda (Bezhbolda) looks like in the very center of Kazan.

The choice of this microdistrict was not made by chance – it is not only the central part of the city, where there is a shameful mural to Ivan IV the conqueror, but the settlement itself is completely connected with the fleet and its history.

When the Muscovites captured Kazan, Bezhbolda was one of the last refuges of the Kazan inhabitants – six months later it fell too. All the locals were either killed or expelled – three households remained. Instead of a village, the Muscovites founded the Admiralty here, which, after a while, began to be inhabited by civilians, and a hundred years later the Tatars also returned here.

How do people live in the settlement that bears such a loud name, while the Kazan submarine spends huge portions of the federal budget, colonial money, on big show near Havana? Half of the microdistrict lives more or less tolerably. 40% of the streets even have some asphalt, and 10% have good coverage and lighting, as well as relatively NOT poor houses. 10%. The remaining 50% of roads are first coat. There are many old decrepit houses.

In a word, we look and evaluate (pictures for those who are not from Kazan). This is not some kind of wilderness, it is practically the center – the center with a pretentious name. At this point the Russians will come and say “to look in America” (they say, it is even worse there). But why should we always look at how others are doing, if others work for their own interests, and Tatarstan pays for the implementation of strange Moscow ideas? Tatarstan does not need Havana and the intimidation of America with the “Russian strongmen`s strength” – it needs its money.


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