UN must remind Moscow, that Erzya are human beings just like Russians

UN must remind Moscow, that Erzya are human beings just like Russians

Is almost 500 days since authorities of Republic of Mordovia accepted Free Idel-Ural’s appeal about building of monument to Inyazor Purgaz, famous Erzyan war-lord and national hero. Until now officials have not allocated a lot land for the project, while Erzya people already crowdfunded money for the monument.

Inspite of absence of positive decision about lot land, Free Idel-Ural movement continues to look for ways to realize this intention. To that end Syres’ Boliayen’, co-founder of Free Idel-Ural, appealed to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights with a request to help in defense of Erzya people’s rights on preservance of their culture and honouring of their own national heroes.

“Unfortunately, Erzya are deprived of those rights that Russians have here in Russian Federation. In words we are equal, but it’s only in words. As soon as it comes to real, albeit shallow deeds, – officials turn away from Erzyans. Monument to Inyazor Purgaz is the brilliant example of such approach, because we are not allowed to install the monument in Saransk for many years. Official position is following: “we are examining this issue”. Years-long examinations. They should try to “examine the issue” to install a monument to soldiers of Russian emperor’s army for so many years. No, imperial heritage receives highest priority and maximal assistance. That’s why monument of REA already stands here in Saransk. He was opened with fanfares under imperial tricolor. But necessities of Erzya still remain unheard. Mister Volkov does not wish to hear us – but it does not mean that we are not present. Erzya are here! And it’s time to remind that Erzya are also humans as well as Russians”, – Syres’ Boliayen’, author of address to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights commented.

Reference. Inyazor Purgaz is a prominent Erzyan military and political figure of the first half of XIII century, Erzyan prince, national hero of Erzyan people. Purgaz ruled Erzyan state that chroniclers called “volost of Purgaz”.

Free Idel-Ural appeal with english subtitles

On April 4th , 2018 Syres’ Boliayen’ on behalf of Free Idel-Ural civic movement appealed to Vladimir Volkov, head of Republic of Mordovia, with a request to assist in establishment of monument to Inyazor Purgaz, national hero of Erzyan people. On May 25th Boliayen’ got answer from A. V. Ratnikov, deputy chief of administration and chief of department for domestic policy in Volkov’s administration, which stated the following: “Work is being done in Republic of Mordovia on collection and analysis of information about historical figures, who leaving noticeable track in history of the Republic, particularly Inyazor Purgaz”.

Despite of repeated Free Idel-Ural’s appeals, positive decision about lot land allocation for the monument of Purgaz is not rendered yet.



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