Udmurtia reaps the fruits of the SWO

Udmurtia reaps the fruits of the SWO

Italmas” is not as well-publicized as “Alga” or “Atal”. Materials about the actions of Udmurtia’s mobilised do not appear on the Web very often. However, what is always stable and regular for Udmurtiia, one might say daily, are the obituaries. If not every day, then every two or three days, but several funerals at a time are made.

Udmurtia is one of the most quietly “mowed down” by death among the republics. Only Mari El is quieter.

P.S. By the way, the Atal battalion channel has been silent since September 10 last year, and that channel worked for only 2 days. Until it was taken to the front. Hello, admin, where are you? Are you alive?


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