Turning at the 90s: Russia is choking in murders, robberies and violence

Turning at the 90s: Russia is choking in murders, robberies and violence

Every day, the criminal situation in the cities controlled so far by Moscow worsens significantly. This concerns both the occupied territories of Ukraine and directly Russia, where the number of armed killers per square meter is growing exponentially.

The Ukrainian special services reported that from the beginning of 2023 to the end of March, more than 250% (!) more serious crimes were committed in the Russian Federation than in the previous period last year. Such data were entered by law enforcement officers from the swamps into the statistics, which were closed from the public. Officially, Russians are told that their criminal situation has even improved a little.

It is clear that there is nothing surprising in the total increase in crime in the Russian Federation. Participation of the country in the war makes the society more cruel and heartless. This applies even more to those who directly hold weapons in their hands on the front lines.

For more than 30 years, the authorities has tried to “divide” Russians, gradually lowering the average level of education in society. In addition, incredible poverty, slavish obedience and genetically embedded hatred for others, even without any war, made the inhabitants of the swamps typical Rodions Raskolnikovs. If you multiply all these characteristics by total propaganda, where they constantly talk about the greatness of the Russian nation, and also openly call for the murder of everyone who opposes Moscow, then there is nothing to be surprised about. Any Russian who even once came under shelling, saw how the command shooted their people, and himself committed a number of war crimes, instantly becomes completely mentally unbalanced.

After February 24, 2022, Russia has turned into the large territory where there are no laws, and the lion’s share of people have weapons and an unwritten permission to kill. Thanks to Putin, the Russians got not only a bunch of criminals among the military, who have already begun to fully terrorize them, but also the Wagner militants. And this is only the beginning, because not everyone will be disposed of in Ukraine, and most of the crazy “veterans” will return home. At the same time, local law enforcement officers turn a blind eye to numerous offences committed by members of the “special operation” because they are afraid and do not want to “discredit the army.”

The most interesting thing in this situation is the fact that none of the Russians’ hopes that the authorities will be able to tame such “war heroes” will never come true. After all, first, this problem does not concern Russian elites. Secondly, all the security forces, that are supposed to somehow fight crime, are simply unable to do anything. It is like a confrontation between Russian air defense and Chinese drones.

The fact that all Russia suffers from the illegal circulation of weapons and the influx of gangs demonstrates the fact that the authorities no longer control anything. The only thing left for Putin is to make his cheeks big and hide the real state of affairs from society. And the Russian Federation, meanwhile, is heading towards its natural collapse with big steps.

Materials prepared by Polina Romanova, Ukrainian Women’s Guard, for the Free Idel-Ural


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