Today is the first Tarawih

Today is the first Tarawih

Immediately after sunset and Maghreb time, the Holy month of Ramadan begins. Tomorrow is the first day of Uraza. We urge all believers to make many Du’a for their brothers and sisters in faith, and also not to forget about the Du’a for the freedom and independence of their people and their country.

Du’a are not rejected from:

🔘a fasting person while he has not yet broken his fast;

🔘 a fair ruler (this is definitely not about Khabirov and Minnikhanov);

🔘 an oppressed person.

Since all Muslims are oppressed under Nazi Russia, no one’s Du’a will be rejected.

make the most of this month and remember: God acts through people. He guides people, and it is the people themselves who must carry out his desires.


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