Today is the Day of the beginning of the Crimean Tatars deportation 

Today is the Day of the beginning of the Crimean Tatars deportation 

The ethnic cleansing destroyed up to 46% of this nation. Many people died on the way to the exile and in the first years after the exile. The occupying Soviet authorities did not even list the Crimean Tatars in the population census. It is as if they never existed. All cities and villages of the Crimea were renamed so that they would not have Crimean Tatar names. This was genocide. Conscious and planned. The Crimean Tatars were able to start returning home only in 1989, with the beginning of the collapse of the USSR.

Such a destiny would have awaited all the nations in the USSR who did not call themselves Russian. Even Ukrainians and Belarusians were going to be deported, even though there were tens of millions of them. The only thing that saved most of the nations was the lack of resources to carry out such plans. The Soviet state was so majestic and powerful that it simply did not have enough freight wagons for such a large-scale action.

Today, the Russian occupation authorities are once again massively oppressing and repressing the Crimean Tatars, killing and kidnapping them. Muscovite Nazis, descendants of the people brought in by the Soviet invaders instead of deported people, call Crimea the “Russian land”. They did not repent of what their ancestors had done and they dream of repeating that. To repeat even more than before.

The government of Tatarstan in exile published an appeal to the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people for this day, expressing understanding of the plight of this people and hope for friendship and a joint struggle against the imperial occupation.

For your and our freedom!


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