Today is International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Great Terror

Today is International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Great Terror

Russia always tries to use any such date in such a way as to spit in the face of all the victims and their descendants, ridicule its atrocities and hint that it will joyfully commit new ones.

This time is no exception: Russia 1 impudently asked the diplomats who came to honor the memory of the victims if they knew “about the shooting of civilians in Donbas.” Shooting, which Russia itself organized and continues to organize, passing off its terrorism as someone else’s, its crimes as someone else’s. Even on this day, the cities of Donbas were shelled, according to the established Russian tradition.

Few people know how to spit in the soul like rashist maniacs – it gives them the greatest pleasure when they can laugh in the face of the whole world, reveling in impunity. They think they will always go unpunished.

6,241 people from 56 nations of the USSR were buried in the Sandarmokh gorge. All of them were killed during 1937-1938, and this is just one of the hundreds of burial places of the repressed people. Not just repressed – the Russians destroyed the elites of entire nations. To make everyone else Russians or slaves. The families of the executed people were even forbidden to know what had happened to their relatives. Most families learned about the fate of their loved ones only in the 1990s. Whoever the Soviet executioners were, they all worked for one idea – the creation of the “single Russian people” through the same “denazification” of everyone into the Soviet people, and from it into Russians. Whoever understands what the word “denazification” means, Russia has already shown quite clearly its meaning in its understanding – the erasure of national identity. The creation of people without nationality and without their own will, on whom Russian identity can be imposed. Russia has been creating Russians this way for centuries.

Mankurt Stalin, who betrayed the Georgian nation, proudly called himself Russian. This is how the Russian Empire raised him. Stalin is only a consequence of the imperial upbringing, where everyone had to become Russian – or be enemies of the state. Our children are being brought up in exactly the same way, right now and in all schools – you are either Russians or enemies of the state. They bring up to make our children the same monsters as the rashists themselves and their idols. From year to year, from century to century, they snatch from our nations a large number of people – who will be shot, who will be Russified, who will rot in prison. They do not just live off our natural resources and us as a workforce – they make our children part of themselves and unleash them on us.


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