Today is another anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia

Today is another anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia

About 200,000 Soviet invaders and 5,000 tanks moved 55 years ago to suppress the Prague Spring. Creatures who did not even have toilet paper went to teach Czechs and Slovaks how to live  – because, instead of a good standard of living, they had a lot of military ammunition.

And you know, there are no attempts among the indigenous peoples to feel nostalgic in some way about this event, to boast that their people also participated there or their relatives. Because everyone remembers very well that it was a criminal invasion and it was relatively recent. Then why, when recalling some stories about the invasion of somewhere by the Kremlin king’s troops or about the invasions of the Soviets at the initial stage of the existence of the USSR, many representatives of the indigenous peoples certainly try to boast of the participation of one of their ancestors in these Kremlin adventures?

“Like, we also were there, we excelled there, we are also heroes.” Moreover some people also manage to enumerate the merits of individuals or units that were recruited from the indigenous peoples – “look, we did not deprived our peoples of honor in the Russian army and we also fought well.”

Is this all really serious? To be proud of the fact that first your people were conquered, and then they were driven, like cattle, to the foreign war for their conquerors – to turn other peoples into the same slaves? How is “then” different from “now”? Why is this not done in relation to modern wars, while the old ones are remembered with a kind of longing?


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