Today in the Russian Federation (07.03.2022)

Today in the Russian Federation (07.03.2022)

Latest news on the collapse of the Russian Federation: 07.03.2022

The collapse of the Russian Federation live: briefly about the key events of the day 

Military actions 

Russia continues to use the airfield network of the Republic of Belarus for heavy air strikes on Ukraine.

“Russia invaded Ukraine. I don’t know why”- phone tapping of the Russian soldiers’ conversation.

Russia has already lost one third of the forces. During 11 days 46 K Russian soldiers have been switched off/rendered harmless: they are killed, wounded or captured by the Ukrainian army.  

Russia recruits Syrian soldiers to be sent to Ukraine. 

Commander of the 61st Naval Infantry Brigade Dmitry Safronov and deputy commander of the 11th naval infantry brigade of the Russian Federation, lieutenant colonel Denis Glebov were killed.

Anton Timonov, Novocherkassk, commander of the tank troops: “I am against Putin. We don’t need war. Many flee to the rear area. The soldier tried to escape – the commander beat me and forced me to drive in a convoy”. 

The British Minister of Defense has concluded that Russia had insignificantly advanced its attack. “It is very unlikely that Russia has successfully reached its goals these days.” 

Hackers from the Anonymous group hacked the Internet broadcasting of the Russian channels: Perviy kanal (The First Channel), Russia 24 and Moscow 24 in the stream services Wink and Ivi. Instead of the planned broadcasting on these channels, the videos with air strikes on Kharkiv and other military crimes of the Russian army were broadcasted live. 

After occupying Ukrainian territories, Russian invaders release criminals with life sentence from Ukrainian jails.

Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers daily detain Russian agents and war criminals who shoot civilians and civilian buildings that are not related to military facilities.   

Russia has shelled civil parts of Mykolaiv with cluster weapons.

The Russian army uses Nazi markings on its equipment. During the Second World War in the Nazi camp Sachsenhausen, the letter “Z” marked the building where the massacres were committed. There was also a crematorium and later a gas chamber.

Ukrainian marines destroyed 30 Russian helicopters at the Chornobaivka airfield in the Kherson region at night, where the Russians deployed their equipment. Near Nikolaev, three columns of the army, a large number of ammunition and seven D-20 howitzers were destroyed.

Instability in the Russian Federation

Ex-deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Ilya Ponomarev reports that the Kremlin has appointed Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu as a scapegoat for the failure of the occupation of Ukraine.

The Russians began receiving fines under the law on “fake news” about the military. The law was accepted two days ago. 60 people were detained after the adoption of laws prohibiting “discreditation” of the Russian armed forces 

In Yekaterinburg, police beat protesters against the war in Ukraine with batons.

In a number of regions of the Russian Federation, FSB officers recruit those convicted for participation in illegal armed formations and those who took part in hostilities. In exchange for being released, they are required to participate in the war (many refuse, do not want to be Putin’s “cannon fodder”).

Torture in Brateevo jail. Three girls were beaten up and isolated. Parcels are not accepted, visitors are not allowed in.

In Moscow, at the police station, a woman was stripped naked and beaten for joining the protest against the war. Humiliated, mocked, beaten up and forced to testify.

The level of arbitrariness, torture and corruption began to rise again. Prisoners are getting beaten up, tortured and raped, filmed on the service video recorders of the Federal Penitentiary Service.

“Many people in Lubyanka are demoralized,” says Pavel Osechkin, founder of the project

There are 73 162 new cases of coronavirus in Russia.·     

The government instructed state sites and services to switch to the Russian domain system by March 11 and abandon foreign hosting.

The poetess Vera Polozkova left Russia.

Russian oligarchs have lost billions of dollars in the course of war with Ukraine. The greatest loses are: Vagit Alekperov (Lukoil) –  $10.5 billion or 54.4% of his total fortune; Alexey Mordashov (Severstal) – $5.6 billion, Gennady Timchenko (Volga Group) – $4.6 billion.         

The United Russian party ( «Единая Россия») proposed to nationalize the assets of the companies that leave Russian market.     

The government may abolish the requirement to the scientists and scholars to be published in foreign scientific journals, in case they work on governmental assignments.   

In Moscow the police came to the house of the sixth-grade student, who had been asking questions about the war at the History lesson and had yelled out “Slava Ukraini” (“Glory to Ukraine”) during the school break.

The national representative body of Kalmyk people – the Oirat-Kalmyk People Congress – held a meeting in the Republic of Kalmykia, which is a part of the Russian Federation. The meeting decided to “express solidarity to the people of Ukraine in its just struggle for peace and freedom”. The Congress also urged the Russian government to immediately withdraw the army from the territory of Ukraine    


TikTok bans live streaming and uploading new videos by users from Russia.

Spotify Premium is no longer available for purchase in Russia.

Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and other PVH brands are temporarily closing their stores in Russia.

Netflix suspends service in Russia amid invasion of Ukraine.

Cosmetic store chain Sephora stops sales in Russia.

Finnish melted cheese Valio and coffee Paulig stop their production in Moscow Oblast and Tver.

The Russian Federation Army shelled and almost destroyed temples and churches of the Russian Orthodox Church. Some of them survived the Second World War, but couldn’t resist the Russians.

What’s left from the economy

Besides the collaps of ruble, there exists risk of difficulty in product import to Russia in general. The range will decrease, imported products are to be replaced by local ones, but prices will grow eventually.      

The government of Russia has prepared measures to support bread manufacturers.     

The government is developing a “rescue” plan for small and medium enterprise in the under unprecedented saanctions.

Central bank has set up limits on money transfers abroad to close relatives.

In international trading rouble dropped over 10% – 151 ruble for 1 dollar. It’s the lowest exchange rate for russian national currency ever. Euro has topped 164 rubles and also reached historical maximum in Forex trading. 

Russians withdraw money en masse, fearing that banks will stop issuing cash.

The Russian markets are closed, the stock exchange is not working, the shares have fallen in price

Boeing has paused purchase of Russian titanium.      

New sanctions from EU might influence russian ports, vessels and technologies for military equipment.     

USA and EU stopped delivering dollar and euro cash to Russia. In Russia the only place to buy foreign currency is black market. The difference between the real and the official exchange rate is 35%.     

Six foreigners have left the Polymetal board of directors, including the chairman – Ian Cockerill.     

Five board members have left Yandex, and 5 members left VK.

International Isolation

Ural Airlines halts flights to and from Egypt from today until the end of May.

Multiple foreign organizations have suspended service with the Russian candidates and partners.

South Korea has joined the sanctions of the international community against the Russian financial system.

Tokyo is discussing a possible ban on oil imports from Russia with the United States and European countries. 

Legendary singer Sting sang a song in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. The song “Russians” was performed in 1985 for the first time. It is dedicated to the topic of nuclear weapons.

UK Home Secretary Priti Patel states that she will ask for Russia’s suspension from Interpol as early as next week.

Albania will rename a street in its capital Tirana where the Russian and Ukrainian embassies are located as Free Ukraine.

New Zealand imposed sanctions against Putin, Mishustin, Lavrov and Shoigu.

The Big Four auditors PwC and KPMG have announced the withdrawal of their Russian and Belarussian personnel.

Pope Francis has appealed for peace in Ukraine. He said that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is “not a military operation”, but a war. He stressed that it is necessary to adhere to international law by allowing the humanitarian corridors to the civilians which are shelled by the Russian invaders.

People in Starobelsk removed the “LNR” flag during the strike and replaced it with the Ukrainian one.

Russia has approved a list of unfriendly countries, including the USA, Ukraine, the UK, EU countries, Japan, Singapore, Norway and others. Overall there are about 50 countries in the list.

Premier-Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida has called the southern part of the Kuril Islands “the ancestral territories of Japan”.

More than 7 000 000 people from all over the world have united against the Russian dictator Putin.

“Pobeda” Airlines in Russia suspends international flights from March, 08.

Russian occupiers shelled and robbed a Swiss journalist in the Kirovohrad region. They knew for sure that he was a press representative. A passport, 3000 euros in cash, equipment and personal belongings were stolen from him. The wounded journalist is currently in a Ukrainian hospital.

Hearings on Ukraine’s lawsuit against Russia have started in the Hague in the UN International Court of Justice. Ukraine accuses Russia of genocide.

Putin Pub owners in Jerusalem, Israel changed its name to Zelenskiy Pub.


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