To destroy Russia cannot be left

To destroy Russia cannot be left

The Forum of the Free Peoples of Post-Russia has published such a cringe map of a possible “Russia of the future”.

Are you really going to keep this imperial under-state, and even with such a length that it would be even easier for it to conquer everyone back? Seriously? Please do not post such nonsense – do not discredit the very idea of ​​decolonization and disintegration of the empire.

We cannot allow it to exist in general, and not just tear off some small parts from it.

Moreover, all indicated territories are not at all the property of the Muscovites, but in the same way the captured and occupied lands of the indigenous peoples, who, like all of us, strive for freedom and independence.

No Russia of the future. It should not have any future, for if we allow it to exist, it will take the future from all of us.


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Alex Posted on18:58 - 19.04.2023

The map is REALLY GOOD some wrong parts but it is really good, support idel Ural from Ukraine!~

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