To destroy many real languages, but to invent artificial one

To destroy many real languages, but to invent artificial one

At the front, communication always requires a cipher. If they listen to your connection and understand everything, you are without a connection.

Ukrainians use dialects of Ukrainian for cipher, which are very different from the language of the Muscovites, or other languages that are in use (for example, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, etc.), so the enemy does not understand anything. And what should the army of the Russian Federation do if the Ukrainians perfectly understand the language of the empire, which had imposed this language on them for centuries?

That’s right – just to come up with an artificial language or slang and memorize it all.

Prigozhin’s walking property has created an artificial language for itself based on prison jargon, which is not surprising. The vocabulary is extremely small, as are the brains of the militants there, so such a cipher can be revealed quite quickly.

The 200th for the Wagner group are “dust”, and the 300th are “sand”.

Humanity and cheerfulness are evident, as they say.

This is one of the reasons why the empire destroys other languages: Muscovites do not understand them, and therefore they cannot know what is said about them without translators, what they say about the under-empire itself and whether its collapse is being prepared.

One day, knowledge of your native language can save your life – after all, a vanka simply will not understand what you are saying. On the radio, in the crowd, on the Internet.


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