To clear the source

To clear the source

In 18 years, 192,311 people stopped speaking the Mari language. If those who do not know Mari do not start learning it now, then who will speak it in 10 years?

Exactly one month later (September 15), free Mari language courses organized by the Mari Ush (the Mari Union) will start in Yoshkar-Ola. You can sign up for them by calling +7 905 008 70 22.

However, no courses will help you if you do not learn it on your own. The Shkesham project has published detailed instructions on how to learn the Mari language.

Previously, in all Mari settlements there was a tradition: in the spring, when the melt waters descended, everyone gathered and cleaned the springs after the winter. The native language is also a source from which the entire nation draws inspiration. As long as it draws, it exists as the nation.


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