The war for the Russian world began with the murder of a Russian by Russians

The war for the Russian world began with the murder of a Russian by Russians

The gauleiters of the Idel-Ural republics, telling our peoples pompous speeches about “defending the Russians,” actively “congratulated” us on our tenth anniversary, when the empire dragged our republics into the very big war.

The first victim of Russian military aggression is Serghei Kokurin. Ensign of the military topographic service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Born on January 1, 1978 in Simferopol, he considered himself RUSSIAN. Serghei did not betray his oath and served Ukraine to the end.

He was killed on March 18, 2014, by two bullets from a Kalashnikov in the chest, he was on the observation tower of the 13th photometric center, from where it was visible how and where exactly the Russian troops (under the command of Girkin/Strelkov) were trying to break into the Ukrainian military unit in Simferopol.Besides him, his fellow soldier on duty got bullet wounds, but he survived. The deceased ensign had a pregnant wife and a 4-year-old son; they left Crimea after the funeral at the Abdal cemetery. 2 months later, the second son was born. Now they live in Odessa, which is bombed daily by russists.

The Russian occupiers killed a Russian resident of Crimea before they started shooting at “Westerners,” as they call any Ukrainian, even a resident of the east of the country.

This is all you need to know and understand about the Kremlin’s underempire and its pretentious slogans.

Serghei was the first soldier to die in the war, but not the first Crimean to die. Before him, the russists kidnapped and tortured to death an activist from the Crimean Tatars: Reshat Ametov, born in 1975, was killed on March 15, 2014, 3 days before Kokurin. Major Stanislav Karachevsky from now-occupied Berdyansk, where they allegedly “voted for Russia” was the second military man killed on April 06, 2014.

That is, right at the very beginning, the russists killed 2 soldiers and at least 1 civilian (losing 1 of their own killed), and then they declared that they had taken Crimea without firing a single shot. The gauleiters congratulated us on these murders, as well as on all the dead fellow countrymen and the beginning of the great war.


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