The secret of “burial for the poor and rich” is very simple

The secret of “burial for the poor and rich” is very simple

The well-known Ukrainian blogger Ali Tatar-zade told about the scheme, which was rolled out in the russian Empire 100-150 years ago. It is according to such a scheme that Putin’s mobilization is taking place.

“First for the poor. Here is some Muscovite incomer, they take him and bury him. He says, who are you, what is this, why are you silent, this is a monstrous mistake. He is brought to the military enlistment office and told:

– That’s what you are, So-and-so. (They pronounce not his last name.)

He says, I’m not So-and-so, my last name is such-and-such, you can check.

But he is written with someone else’s initials.

And now how it is done for the rich.

The son of a man with money is taken into the army. Relations with civilians do not help. All the money goes through the military, but there you need to immediately buy a golden toilet. OK, parents find money for the toilet. What’s next?

And further – 1) the son is enrolled in the army;

2) they catch a guy who looks let’s say similar to him (just age +- 10 years and height +- 10 cm), they say, “during the journey, the dog could have grown up”;

3) the son is removed from the “forbidden to leave” lists, like he is already called up, the military enlistment officers have no questions to him;

4) the son goes abroad with a strict ban to use Instagram;

5) meanwhile the son is “fighting”. If the doppelgänger survives, the son will receive military experience, a pension supplement, and other honorary bonuses. It is possible to return from abroad;

6) if the doppelgänger is killed, the son also returns (of course, when he wants to). They make him a “miracle survivor”, compose a report about a magical rescue, and reward him.

And yes, if the doppelgänger escapes and starts telling the truth, he will be imprisoned for discrediting the liberation army,” says Ali Tatar-zade.

He also explains that, since the scheme is successful, if so-and-so surrenders, his “Guide” will not be considered an enemy of the people, “because he will be they arenotthere and youarealllying. They will present a real so-and-so, he is alive, healthy, he hates Ukraine.”


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