The Russian Federation is trying to reformat Islam

Another and systematic attack on Muslims took place in Argayashskiy district of Chelyabinsk region. Bullies with machine guns were sent against the Bashkir old people and all the believers were driven out of the mosque, throwing out their belongings. They were “dispossessing”, as Muscovite grandfathers dispossessed Bashkir grandfathers, so to speak.

Moscow establishes control over Islam not only at the level of the muftiates, but in each mosque, it aims to control every khutbah, every word of the imam – to do everything that they previously did with the Orthodox people. Previously, we already had a publication on this topic, but many Muslims were outraged that this was impossible. But as we can see, it is really happening. And in the case of Talgat, and in the case of Kadyrov’s men, who seem to position themselves as Muslims, and in the case of many misguided imams and their misguided parishioners.

Yes, one cannot rewrite the Qur’an, but one can carefully filter and select those who influence the Ummah. To destroy the brave people, drive out the smart, isolate the independent, marginalize the reputable, crush and intimidate – and to place lackeys everywhere. They even see a threat in the women! Everyone should live not according to the Qur’an, but according to the Kremlin manual – this is the essence of raids, searches and repressions.

If you cannot eradicate something, lead it. Lead and destroy from within. The Russian special services have been doing this for decades, replacing imams, muftis, village mullahs with their men of straw, pushing even babas into the background  who, although not claiming to the title of alims, but they still cherish Islam and wish to live according to the Sunnah, and not according to the Kremlin’s concepts.

These events show us once again: we cannot shut ourselves off from what is happening. They will not give such a chance. They will not allow the babas to pray in the villages. Either you change Tawhid for the worship of the GDP, or we will destroy you.

We should find the strength within ourselves for real resistance. To fight back. Otherwise, 5 years later we will be indignant that somewhere in Tatarstan they will imprison a baba for 10 years for hanging 10 portraits of Putin in a mosque instead of 15 necessary for the village mosques.


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