The Russian Federation becomes illegitimate even in the eyes of rashists

The Russian Federation becomes illegitimate even in the eyes of rashists

The hysteria observed now of the rashists about the retreat from Kherson leads to deeper consequences than it might seem.

The Russian Federation as a state was illegitimate from the very beginning of its existence, since no one ever held a referendum on its formation: everyone was confronted with a fact, although, unlike unitary states, where the state is equal to national republic, when creating a federation, they had to ask the opinion of each of the republics of the future federation, whether it wants to enter into such a union or not.

Not only this was not done, but attempts were made to stop any rising such questions in the republics.

As a result, two wars against Ichkeria, which declared its independence, and the liquidation of the sovereignty of Tatarstan, which held a comprehensive referendum on the resumption of its statehood.

But, despite this, the world community still turned a blind eye to these “shortcomings” and recognized both the Russian Federation and its borders, in fact deciding not to get involved with those who possess nuclear weapons.

The result is known: having shown impudence once and seeing that it “gets away with it”, the Russian Federation began to build its international policy precisely on the basis of this impudence.

Do what you want – no one will say anything, because you have nuclear weapons.

The banal absence of any noticeable negative consequences for the empire only whetted its appetite – the wars against Moldova and Georgia only confirmed the thoughts of the rashists about their impunity.

Such patterns allowed the empire to finally decide on its first open annexation of territories in 2014.

And although with this step it put the world before the fact that the borders of the Russian Federation are illegitimate (after all, the borders that the international community recognized earlier and even contrary to its own rules have ceased to exist), however, Kremlin own fascist population by this action only provoked and increased its legitimacy in the eyes of its own citizens.

However, what is acquired through military conflicts is lost through military conflicts.

Therefore, how quickly the Kremlin won greater legitimacy in the eyes of its citizens, so quickly it began to lose this legitimacy – each defeat at the front only leads to more and more strong irritation of the population with that regime and that state, which was given such high criteria of trust.

“The Russian Federation does not regret that it accepted Kherson oblast into its structure. Kherson oblast remains a subject of the Russian Federation, there are no changes in this status,” Peskov, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, said.

The loss of territories that the Kremlin has already claimed as its own is a signal to everyone that this empire can no longer control its borders. This no longer depends on it, but on those who oppose it.

“Everything will return home. To the Russian Federation. Do not give cause for joy to the enemy near and far. And often remind him of the greatness and boundlessness of the Russian world,” Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Security Council, said.

And disbelieving more and more in the greatness of the empire, the bulk of the population will no longer be ready to fully defend the state that is collapsing – no one wants to be on the side of the losers.

Therefore, those who until now played on the side of the empire, feeling the strength behind it, will eventually begin to play on the side of decentralizing forces, gradually opposing the empire.

Nobody will be interested in being a part of a dying monster.


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