“The planned resettlement”

“The planned resettlement”

I read on one of the progressive national-democratic sites a project for the development of a national republic after the disintegration of the Russian Federation. Here we are talking about the language (I quote in the original form), “Russians who do not want to study and use the national language of the republic will be exchanged by ethnic Chuvash/Tatars, etc. Each one to his own republic, so to speak.

The resettlement will be in equal status for both parties, these are: social benefits, work, real estate.”

“The planned resettlement” is, as I understand it, a euphemism for the words “ethnic cleansing”. It smacks a little of fascism.

To understand the absurdity of any statement or judgment, you can model its effect in practice and evaluate the result. Let’s try this technique to use in our situation!

First, let us ask ourselves the question, what does “those who do not want to study and use the national language” mean? And what if one studies, but does not use? Is it subject to prosecution and sanctions? And if, on the contrary, he uses, but illiterately and incomprehensibly, while he does not want to study, how then? Will he be punished? Who and how will record cases of “non-use”? How will the exchange for ethnic Chuvash/Tatars be carried out in real life? According to what law? Who will adopt such a law in the renewed national republics? What alternative do those who refuse to obey such a law have? Prison?

Let’s try to model a virtual picture of the event.

“Hello, are you Nikitina Maria Kirillovna, born in 1948? Do you know the Chuvash language? Why? Did you take courses? Why? Well, that’s not the reason. Tomorrow, be ready for eviction to the Vologda region, take with you the essentials with a total weight of no more than 50 kg!”

Comrades, we will not be understood with such an approach! I will say more, such an approach is the shortest way to making enemies within the country and losing friends abroad.

Somehow the author had to get acquainted with the Turkish motivation for the sad events in Turkish Armenia in 1915. I remind you that everything happened during the First World War. The rationale for the decisions and actions of the Turks looked quite logical. Let’s say even more, it’s reasonable. They justified the approach of the Turkish authorities to resolving the issue of the pro-Russian fifth column with national security considerations, since the Armenians often took an anti-Turkish position and often acted as spies of the Russian Empire. For the benefit of the people of the Ottoman Empire, they had to be expelled from Turkey and escorted across the whole country. And the fact that in every Turkish village where they stopped, men were beaten to death, and women were raped to death, this was an excess that did not depend on the authorities! Turkey still cannot wash itself off from all this! And it is uncertain whether it will ever be able to, if it does not repent and ask for forgiveness.

You know, I don’t want to go down the same path with these “planned resettlements”.

It is one thing to be a warrior, defending your rights, even if you have to kill enemies in the process, and it is quite another thing to become an executioner, executing the guilty people on linguistic or ethnic grounds.

Methods must be different. If one does not want to study the language of the indigenous people – well, to hell with him, let him not study. But  he must strictly follow all the laws adopted by this indigenous people! All appeals to official authorities should be only in Tatar/Bashkir/Chuvash/Kalmyk. Education should be in the state language. All visual information should be exactly the same! If they want to go against the will of the people, let them feel the brunt of such a decision, let them feel like foreigners in a foreign country. I am writing this about ordinary people who reject the national language of the republic with motives of everyday chauvinism introduced by Russian TV. The conversation should be different with conscientious enemies who have stained themselves with sabotage or subversion. As they say, “to the fullest extent …”

In fact, “the planned resettlement” needs to be discussed, the issue is serious, but at the moment it is not paramount. First you need to do something to get the opportunity to build your national power. To fight in some way to bring closer the hour when the government in the republic will become nation-centric. Alas, with specific deeds, we are not very good at it yet. In some republics, indigenous people do not want to study the language of their nation because of elementary laziness. Will they fight for the priority of national culture and language after gaining independence? If the answer is no, then… After all, it turns out that they formally fall under the Planned Resettlement project. As they say, “the question, of course, is an interesting one” …


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