The part of Muslims in Russia then and now

The part of Muslims in Russia then and now

In 1896, the empire was larger, but at the same time there was a place on the map to indicate territories where there were more than 90% Muslims. On modern maps,they are already at maximum more than 50%.

Oddly enough, but this text will not be about Muslims as such, but about Muslim migrants and just about migrants. Anti-migrant sentiments sometimes pop up in our chat – and they can be understood, because these people often take away jobs from locals and sometimes increase the crime rate.

However, at the moment they are playing the role of a “lightning rod” – they are under the main blow from the dogs of the imperial regime and the Russian Nazis. If they do not exist, then again the main blow will be taken by the indigenous peoples. Rashists claim that it is illegal migrants that are being rounded up, but this is not so. Indeed, to detain illegal migrants, it is not necessary to destroy cafes and desecrate mosques – it is enough just to surround the perimeter and wait for the suspects of illegal stay in the country to come out. It is not necessary to detain everyone in a row, including those with children and even those with a Russian passport. They could detain illegal migrants at a construction site or other places where they usually work. But that does not happen. Has anyone seen a raid on a construction site? No.

The National Guard of Russia openly attacks religious places and places of gathering of Muslims not without a  reason. A struggle exactly against Islam is going on, but until there are many migrants in the Russian Federation, the main blow falls on them. And this serves as a kind of “shield” not only for the indigenous Muslim population, but also for indigenous peoples who are not Muslims – while the policemen and the rashist public are busy with migrants, less attention is paid to the indigenous people. Therefore, whatever your personal attitude towards migrants is, they are a shield. It is cruel, cynical, but it is true. They are not our enemies, because they shake this empire from the inside – they are not assimilated by it, like representatives of many indigenous peoples.


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