The Mari calendar describes folk rituals for this week

The Mari calendar describes folk rituals for this week

This is a calendar for baptized Mari, but Mari should stick together regardless of their religious affiliation. It is a fact that baptism was forced, but so much time has passed that a significant part of the baptized Mari are unlikely to return to the religion of their ancestors. Moreover, many Orthodox Mari still observe a significant part of the pagan rituals of their nation; they simply consider these rituals to be part of Christianity. 

This does not mean that the Russian Orthodox Church may be represented on Mari land. There should be the Mari Orthodox Church, the Mari patriarchy: in the Mari language, taking into account Mari folk traditions, in consolidation with the Mari nation of all religions, and so that the prayers should be not for Moscow, but for Yoshkar-Ola. The Russian Orthodox Church should be banned in Mari El, because it serves not in the name of God, but in the name of the Kremlin.

The calendar is here: (—velikij-den-05-02).

P.S. It is sad that the calendar compiler has not even learned that there is no “Mordovian”, but there is Moksha and Erzya. Still, he could have at least inquired a little about related nations, and even about his neighbors.


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