The key to the collapse of the empire lies in six republics of the Idel-Ural – Ruslan Gabbasov

The key to the collapse of the empire lies in six republics of the Idel-Ural – Ruslan Gabbasov

Ruslan Gabbasov, the head of the Bashkir Political Center, told what the imperials (putinists and good Russians) fear the most about the independence of national republics.

In their minds, they are ready to let go of the Caucasus. This is not so scary for them, a small piece in the south of a huge country. They can sacrifice it.

They are ready to give up Tuva, which never took root in Russia.

If the situation becomes hard, then with pain in heart, they can let go of Sakha-Yakutia, Buryatia.

Even in this case, Russia will be big and united.

But they are in no way ready to let go of six Volga-Ural republics. Because these six republics split Russia into two parts. If these republics leave, then everything that is located on the right side of Volga and beyond the Urals will leave.

To keep these republics, they will fight to the end.

Therefore, the key to the collapse of the empire lies in these six national republics.

Tatarstan and Bashkortostan are the avant-garde here. These two passionate Islamic republics are the most powerful, the most populous (the indigenous population) and in which case they can call on their Turkic brothers from independent countries for help. They have strong national movements and a wayward elite. All this makes them strong players.

Only the Erzya national movement from Mordovia stands out from the other national republics, but it is mostly strong only abroad. The other three republics – Mari El, Udmurtia and Chuvashia – are very passive.

Even ten years ago, the Chuvash national movement was strong enough, there was a team, there were leaders, but today, alas, they were blown away.

The Udmurts, Maris, Erzya and Mokshas have good support from such strong countries as Estonia and Finland, but they do not take advantage of this support.

What should be done to get them out of anabiosis and instill the belief in them that they can become independent and live independently without Moscow?

Western politicians who are fighting Russia and want its real defeat and its complete elimination as an empire should take a closer look at these six republics. It is necessary to find an approach to them and rely on the support of already existing, really active national movements of the Bashkirs, Tatars and Erzyas. To succeed to bring the national movements of the other three republics out of their lethargy.

If they manage to do this, Russia will come to an end.


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