The government of the oil superpower will ban the export of gasoline from March 1

The government of the oil superpower will ban the export of gasoline from March 1

The decision was made after a series of accidents and attacks by Ukraine and partisan groups on oil refineries. Their consequences cannot be quickly eliminated due to Western sanctions. The ban will be in effect for at least six months – it should help contain rising fuel prices. But it is unlikely that it will hold them, since both Ukraine and the partisan movements in the republics will try not to let this happen – the greater the discontent and imbalance in the empire, the more it shakes.

In January and February, four oil refineries in Volgograd, Krasnodar region, Tuapse and Ust-Luga were damaged by drone attacks. A large-scale accident occurred at the Nizhny Novgorod oil refinery. Gasoline production in the Russian Federation decreased after that.

I wonder how puppet Lukashenko’s regime will survive there now, without Russian gasoline? And the newly occupied territories of the empire will be the first to fall under this attack – they will be the first to save on them, since all the fuel there will go to the imperial soldiers and the occupation administration. And as the deficit grows, the rest of the empire’s population will begin to feel it. We have already written on this topic earlier and said why we benefit from these difficulties, although our Idel-Ural region will suffer from them.

We remind you that Tatarstan (one of the main producers of fuel for Moscow) recently did not even enter the top 20 in terms of fuel availability for its own population. Well, if Idel-Ural already has difficulties with fuel, although Moscow gets it from the colonies, why not make it worse so that even it cannot get it? It is not just us who have to suffer.


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