The deputy has returned, but the mobilized have not

The deputy has returned, but the mobilized have not

Deputy-war criminal Eduard Sharafiev returned to Tatarstan after 4 months of stay in the Donbass and brought with him photos where he joyfully poses against the background of houses of local residents destroyed by the Russian army.

Judging by the story he described, in which “the mobilized are not sent to storm the positions of the Armed Forces”, he never took part in direct combat anywhere, but, as happens in such cases, pushed the Russian troops to the rear, took photoshoots and entertained himself as much as he could.

Following the example of Rogozin and company.

He himself admits that all his “front stories” are mostly so-called “humanitarian journeys”.

“Then there was a terrifying picture – some houses were still rotting, cars were burning at the intersections, people were trying not to leave the house again… It seemed that the city was simply extinct.

I came to Lisichansk when only Tatarstan took over the city. At that time, some buildings were still smoking, cars were burning at every intersection, residents were cooking and heating food on bonfires near the entrance.”

Of course, Sharafiev claims that the locals were all waiting for people like him to come to Lisichansk. Waited to live under the conditions he described. Waiting for the city to be gone.

However, Sharafiev refused to return to the Donbass. He claims that he is “unnecessary” and that his presence “will not change the course of the war” and that it will be “more useful” if he works in the rear.

Someone has to agitate the population of Tatarstan more actively to go to the slaughter.


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