The Day of United Action in Memory of the Genocide of the Soviet People by the Nazis was held in Idel-Ural

The Day of United Action in Memory of the Genocide of the Soviet People by the Nazis was held in Idel-Ural

Children in schools were lured into participating in this show.

But it was not Hitler’s Nazis who committed genocide in Idel-Ural republics, but the USSR itself.

At present, books about Stalin’s and Lenin’s repressions, as well as books with any criticism of the USSR, have been removed from the curriculum for school grades 10-11.

If the Soviets have misrepresented history, the rushists are simply destroying it completely.

Anyway, the Third Reich did not even reach Idel-Ural. The genocide on these lands occurred solely at the will of Moscow. After the artificial Holodomor (famine) of 1921-23, mass repressions and executions, as well as forced child labor, millions of our fellow countrymen were sent to the new imperial front with the Germans – to fight against one empire for another and die for the occupying state, which was already trying to starve them to death. Does anyone really think that if Moscow was playing genocide then, so later, during the great war, it would not have continued it in order to improve the result?

There is no doubt that in each of the battles of the Second World War, the first thing Moscow did was to expend the indigenous peoples.

That is, it has been doing what it does now and will always do – eradication, devastation, expansion of living space for itself.

Moscow’s main horror story regarding the Nazis is the Ost plan (the existence of which is contested by some historians, but that is not the point now), according to which the main goal of the Germans in the war was to expand living space. This is exactly what Moscow has always done everywhere, but now it scares us, “But the Germans wanted to exterminate most of you and make the survivors slaves.” That is, they are frightening us with the plan of the Germans, for which there even was no time to be applied to Idel-Ural, while Moscow has been implementing the same plan for centuries.


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