The Crimean bridge is tired again, but that is not all

Children, including those from the Volga region, were brought on it for “vacation”. Vacation in quotation marks, because behind the idea of ​​vacation was a much bigger idea about fixing the imperial ideology in the minds of children and the desire to die in the future for keeping land alien to them as part of the Russian Federation.

Now, when the bridge is out of service again, they will transport along the land corridor. Which is completely shot through by the Armed forces of Ukraine. In which often unexploded shells and bombs are lying on the streets. In which minefields are everywhere. In which Russian troops often drive at full speed (to not be spotted and attacked) and often traffic accidents with civilian cars happen – for this they do not care at all, because, well, big deal, they ran into people. And although the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying not to hit civilians, the rashists hide their troops behind the civilian population. Not only behind the civilian population of the newly occupied territories, but also behind the population that is brought to Crimea from the long-occupied territories of the Volga region. Rashists even often carry ammunition in civilian trucks. In addition, after receiving long-range missiles and creating many long-range drones, even Crimea is almost entirely in the affected area of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Now a rhetorical question is the following: what does it cost for the Federal Security Service or the Main Intelligence Directorate officers to blow up, under the guise of an attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, several buses with schoolchildren or students traveling to the newly occupied territories to try to discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine in front of the international community, since the majority will not even allow the thought that it is possible to cynically and vilely blow up their own children?


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