The big Tatar ass is looking for ways to save the face

The big Tatar ass is looking for ways to save the face

Russia on the whole and the colonies in particular likely lack good news. A series of humiliating defeats and the defeat of a few battalion-tactical groups at the attempt to cross the Seversky Donets River, the complete withdrawal of the Russian troops from five regions (Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Chernyhiv, Sumy and Mykolaiv regions) are difficult to be powdered by Soloviov’s and Skabeieva’s speeches. The matter is that in the coming weeks the situation is going to get only worse as Ukrainians have already made a significant counter-offensive success in the Kharkiv region. By the end of May, the Kharkiv region is so far likely to be the sixth region which the Russians will heroically retreat to the previously prepared positions’. 

Against the backdrop of this, to put it mildly, disappointing news, Tatarstan tries to play muscle-flexing following its favorite subject of its economic attractiveness and subjectivity. The Kremlin information dumps are doing their best to spread the news of Rustam’s Minnikhanov’s new business contacts and International meetings. However, the current Kazan’s partners are certain to have become petty. 

To compare, in the previous years Minnikhanov’s used to meet the Arab sheikhs, Chavushoglu and even Erdogan, 2022 ‘s diplomatic breakthroughs include a photoset with Pamzan Kadyrov and handshaking with Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov. Russia’s invasion has already affected the region of Idel – Urals: Ufa failed to reach the living standards of the city of Kazan, Kazan declined to Ufa’s level, though. Radii Khabirov used only to multiply by zero Bashkortostgan’s subjectivity visiting so-called DPR and LPR and meeting the characters who are declared internationally wanted, but nowadays Рөстәм әфәнде, Mr Rustam, is drowning the credibility for his republic. On the hand, what is left for Minnikhanov to do? European and even Turkish contacts are so far difficult now if not absolutely inaccessible. Instead, they have time to discuss opening the chain of halal vendor stalls together with Gurbanguly Mialikguliiovych. However, now it is quite clear that Turkey is unattainable not only for Tatarstan but fr Russia as well. In spite of serious economic challenges, lira’s collapse, Ankara still remains a heayweight in international politics and plays in the same club along with Sweden, Finland, the USA and France. Moscow and its colonies’ positions are getting rapidly weak. The true partners are Turkmenistan and the Talibs (the guys are facing the similar problems, they are also being pressed by the western bastards). 

But the worst is the power of self-deception. The Tatars elites do believe in the success of the special military operations and they will only benefit from the sanctions. The common residents of the republic do believe that London is on the edge of poverty and hunger riots due to the sanctions. The propaganda has been working so far, as well as autosuggestion. Reality is to be painful. So far, we are halfway – we have already jumped out of the balcony, we are threatening the pavement curb with the most horrible aftermaths, but we have not landed yet…


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