Taliban and Dugin, Minnikhanov and Gundyaev. What do they all have in common? They are all in Kazan today

Taliban and Dugin, Minnikhanov and Gundyaev. What do they all have in common? They are all in Kazan today

As Dugin said, they are gathered to sell braces to each other. The empire cannot be united if there is no common idea, which should be kind of encroached on by a common enemy. “Traditional values”, binding together Buryat and Karelian, Ingush and Evenk, Tatar, Chaldon, Koryak, Moksha and hundreds of other nations, are chosen as such a common idea. And the Taliban just came to look for funding, in addition to the Chinese one.

Initial Orthodoxy, like Christianity in general, carries a confrontation with oppression and totalitarian power, and it also promotes a down-to-earth attitude towards others. Love and forgive your enemies and so on and so forth. But the Kremlin has a different Christianity – its own one. Even the temple of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation was built not just in a militaristic style, but it partly consists of trophies captured during the wars and panoramas of military battles, showing its superiority over all the defeated peoples.

On the glorifying the king Spas channel in the War and the Bible program, a priest once explained to a Russian soldier why a soldier has the right to exterminate a whole other nation and said the following, “Officials with swords on their belts protect their power from any encroachment, because it is given for inheritance of divine laws. They have the right to punish, to kill, to let a person understand who is who, even if he has to be killed.” In short, right is the person who has strength, because “he is guided by the hand of God.” Such is the logic of the church glorifying the king. Mass murders and violence are the very traditional values, the very brace. And today Minnikhanov joyfully ran to lick the hand of the patriarch of the king glorification to show that the Tatars bow down before the omnipotence of the Muscovites and the brace is not cracking. Minnikhanov only forgot the lessons of history, and the fact that over time the hand of the patriarch would take the sword and cut off the head of his mankurt servant. Because the one who has the sword in his hand is right.


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