Syreś Boläeń: «The star of Erzyan Mastor is going to light up soon!»

Syreś Boläeń: «The star of Erzyan Mastor is going to light up soon!»

Russian forces did not manage to capture Kharkiv, Chernigiv, Sumy, Poltava, Kyiv and other large cities of Ukraine. Having suffered serious losses, Russian could not gain a foothold in the cities. Instead, they have switched to rocket strikes on residential districts and bombarding of civilian infrastructure objects. Moscow bets on killing the large number of civilians in this way demoralizing the adversary.

However, the Ukrainians have not only strengthened their resistance. Instead, they got strong international support, humanitarian and military-technical.  Moreover, volunteers from all over the world continue coming to Ukraine. Representatives of the enslaved peoples of Caucasus, Idel-Ural, and Siberia are among them.

Syres Bolaen has been fighting in the ranks of the territorial defense forces in Kyiv for 7 days now. Syres is the main elder of Erzyans, one  of the most numerous Finno-Ugric people of RF. He addressed his countrymen in their native language.

The video appeal was recorded in Kyiv, on the base of one of the units where Syres Bolaen and a group of Erzya volunteers are fighting.

The Erzya leader spoke about Erzyanians, who are gaining combat experience in Ukraine, and urged his compatriots not to go to war of aggression – because they will inevitably suffer the fate of Russian Army Colonel Igor Isaykin – Erzya traitor who died trying to occupy one of the Ukrainian settlements. 

Syres Bolaen called on Erzyanians to prepare for the collapse of the Russian Federation and the proclamation of new states, including the Erzyan’ Mastor (from erzyaian – The country of Erzyan). 

Let’s remember that Syreś Boläeń is one of the most famous activists of the Finno-Ugric movement in the Russian Federation as well as in the whole world. In 2019, at the traditional Erzya prayer in the Republic of Mordovia, Bolaen was elected Inyazor, the chief elder of the Erzya people, and received a mandate from the Council of Elders to represent the interests of Erzyans in front of the Russian authorities and the international community. In 2018, together with tatar political emigrant Rafis Kashapov, Syres Bolaen created civil movement “Free Idel-Ural”in Ukraine, whose goal is getting real sovereignty of republics of Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Chuvashia, Udmurtiya, Marii El and Mordoviya. “Free Idel-Ural”’ is banned on the territory of the Russian Federation by the Ministry of Justice. However, the organization’s branches continue to operate illegally in the Idel-Ural, as well as in exile in Poland, Great Britain, the United States, Ukraine and Turkey.


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