“Superstate” army: shame instead of fear

“Superstate” army: shame instead of fear

The myth of “the second world army” which was instilled in the minds of Russians and the whole world has been debunked. The reality shows that the great imperial monster is rapidly becoming the colossus with feet of clay.   

Pro-government media outlets recognized the penury of the Russian Armed Forces for which dozens of billion dollars were wasted. 

Parents in regional schools are voluntarily or forcibly volunteering to send soap, toilet paper and warm clothes to “liberators from fascism”.

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Soldiers are freezing on the front lines having hiccups in food, uniform, fuel supply and personnel rotation. From time to time new captured conscripts, who are not present in Ukraine, are re-appearing, as well as those who have been present were supposed to be withdrawn. 

One russian artillery man shares with his friend that they were provided with tin plates instead of bullet proof vests, as well as cooking pots instead of helmets. It is unknown whether the same under-guard artillery unit was sent to war. However, the situation is exemplary. 

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Russian soldiers have to liberate civilized nations in “straw shoes”. However, if previously  imperial tentacles were reaching Paris, Budapest and Warsaw, it seems they are now being cut on the outskirts of Kyiv. Russia loses its grip. Interestingly, who will be the next they won’t be able to oppress.


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