Strelkov accused Kadyrov’s soldiers of cowardice

Strelkov accused Kadyrov’s soldiers of cowardice

It turns out Kadyrov’s troops are intimidated to join the battle for Mariupol. The infamous Russian war criminal Strelkov (aka Girkin) boiled over because of the morale of Kadyrov’s troops, hyped up by the Kremlin propaganda. Kadyrov’s soldiers flatly denied taking part in  severe combats for Mariupol. 

The information is provided by Kavkaz Center agency. Remember how recently Kadyrov’s personal killer Adam Delimhanov threatened to lay siege to Mariupol and offered Ukrainian defenders of the city “to give up before it’s too late”

However, it turned out that Putin’s gang of puppets, hyped up by TV propaganda, cowardly refused to take part in the heavy fighting for Mariupol.

Strelkov (Girkin) complained about Kadyrov’s troops’ morale on his Telegram. 

“Heavy street fighting for Mariupol continues… According to battlefield reports, Chechens have not engaged in the battle so far,” Strelkov reported.

He suggested that Kadyrov’s men were being “saved” for another PR campaign. “Someone will have to pose “against the victorious background, won’t they?” And they’re vigorous, virile, athletic and well-equipped. And they will look very imposing in front of the cameras … And how about russians? We don’t give a damn about russians,” Strelkov (Girkin) said indignantly.

Ruslan Leviyev of the Conflict Intelligence Team said earlier that Kadyrov’s troops in Ukraine were not fighting, but pursuing their PR campaign.

“They have been present on the territory of Ukraine since the very beginning of the conflict. However, we have never seen them participating in the battles. They seem more like PR troops.

They are making a lot of videos and taking a lot of photos where they are walking around with machine guns, cleaning out houses … threatening Zelensky and Ukrainian troops that they will wipe out all of Ukraine in two days. But it’s already the 19th day of the war, and what about your 2 days? (…) They are probably not prepared and trained for combat operations …. All their “victories” are to come to an empty military base, hang up their flag and say: “Hurrah, we have won,” Leviev said in his comment to Novoe Vremya journalists. 


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