Stilos and stiletto

Stilos and stiletto

During the formation of various empires, missionaries always went ahead of them – they prepared the “soil” in the heads of the “natives” before the arrival of the main imperial forces.

Moscow kingdom is no exception, however, unlike many European empires, Moscow missionaries were not only missionaries, but also warriors, saboteurs and scouts.

A kind of “crusaders” in a cassock.

When in 1668 the church under Kremlin decided to fight the so-called Old Believers, then its “crusaders”, together with the tsar archers, kept Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy Monastery on the Solovetskiye Islands encircled for more than 8 years, still not being able to capture it and kill those who rebelled against church reform of the monks. Because it was not just a monastery, but a real military fortress with 90 guns and military vehicles. Such “holy fathers” fought very seriously there among themselves for the right to influence the empire.

Voivode Meshcherinov destroys the Solovetskiy Monastery.

Therefore, their current behavior – when they act not so much as military chaplains but as combatants – is not something special.

The Orthodox Church under the control of Moscow has always been and will be one of the means of building an empire. This is it that will play one of the main roles in the nature of the collapse of the empire and further attempts to restore it.

To stop this, only one way is possible – to put all the Orthodox dioceses in the republics before a choice: submission to Moscow Patriarchate, which leads to a state ban on the activities of such a church in the republic under the article for “propaganda of terrorism”, or the transfer of all these churches under leadership of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinople / Istanbul, with the creation of autocephalous church units independent of Moscow.

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