Srebrenica – uvijek pamti. Srebrenica – always remember

Srebrenica – uvijek pamti. Srebrenica – always remember

Today is the Day of Remembrance for the Victims in Srebrenica, the Bosnian city where the Serbian imperialists carried out a massacre, methodically exterminating the Muslim population. Russian imperials actively participated in this and helped them in every way.

On the occasion of today’s memorial day, the Russian Nazis organized another holiday on social networks. They celebrate how Muslims were killed. Bosnia is a Slavic country, and the rashists claim that they are also Slavs. This did not stop them from killing Bosnian Slavs just because they have a different faith.

Even in principle, they could kill them even if they had the Christian faith (after all, the Russians also fought against the Croats). The main thing for the Russians is to kill someone, and they will always find someone and always figure out why. In this case, they came up with the idea that, they say, it was Islam that was to blame, and not their own savagery and bloodlust.

They are still proud of their participation in this massacre, they did not repent at all – even when international courts passed sentences on the ringleaders-organizers. Only the Serbs received sentences. No one judged the Russians, they got away with everything.

There would have been even more victims, because, in addition to Srebrenica, they were also going to exterminate Zepa town, 50 km from Srebrenica, where there were more than about 10,000 inhabitants. But Zepa was guarded by a Ukrainian contingent of 79 UN peacekeepers (UNPROFOR), and this was the only protection for the civilians there. When 690 Dutch peacekeepers based here were blockaded in Srebrenica and demanded to be replaced by someone, only the Ukrainians agreed. They did not leave, they did not abandon the civilians, although they were not only threatened in every possible way and promised to be killed along with the civilians, but they were also periodically attacked. The Ukrainians managed to take 9,000 inhabitants of the town by bus to a safe place.

Now Muslims living in the Russian Federation are being called to jihad against Ukraine by those who participated in the massacre of 8,000 Muslims in Srebrenica and elsewhere. Call those who are proud of what they did and dream of repeating this.


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