“Soldier of War Doesn’t Choose”: About Strange Amnesia of the Kremlin Nomenclature

“Soldier of War Doesn’t Choose”: About Strange Amnesia of the Kremlin Nomenclature

Can you just forget about 500,000 people? Make half a million Russians invisible? Stupid questions of the times of “special operation”, when every day thousands of soldiers sent to slaughter disappear into oblivion, tells the analytical Telegram channel “Sito Socrata”.

Something similar was observed at the beginning of the existence of the USSR. The superpower has plunged into the abyss of a senseless Afghan war. The Shuravi still don’t understand what they were fighting for. The Russian authorities, who have an ostentatious, boundless love for military history, fall into amnesia on February 15, the day when the internationalist warriors are remembered. Those most ordinary performers of the great geopolitical battle of Moscow in an almost medieval mountain republic, which never surrendered. “Afghans” did not become heroes, around them did not inflate a majestic epic saga, to them a wide audience is indifferent. Half a million invisibles live out their days in poverty, because the departure of the councils from Afghanistan was shameful and the war is described as meaningless.

In the sad ballad of the group “Cascade” sings: “On the steps charred to the ground we go… Under the targeted volleys of hints and lies.” Since the history of Russia is a continuous wandering in a circle, modern fighters of the “SVO” hardly expect a better fate. All the more so now the price of each captured meter of foreign land is beginning to come.


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