Should Tatarstan claim all territories where ethnic Tatars live?

Should Tatarstan claim all territories where ethnic Tatars live?

The question of the future borders of the states of Idel-Ural is very delicate. And “specially trained people” from the ranks of the Federal Security Service competently rock it. Their goal is to provoke conflict so that the peoples of our region fight each other and not the empire. But is it really worth claiming the maximum number of territories when the historical chance to have your own state presents itself?  Tatarstan of the future telegram channel cited the opinion of one of its subscribers on this issue.

Previously, various maps of the possible future of Tatarstan were presented on this channel. Almost all of them covered territories larger than the actual borders. And the comments said, this is ours, that is ours, there is a Tatar village, a region, we’ll take it, and we’ll take that too. Will we be able to take it or not – this is a question … But now we are not talking about that. The question is: do we need more territory? What benefit will we Tatars get? And what do we get in addition to this benefit?

Let me give you an example: I used to live in a cozy small apartment, there was enough space (it definitely wasn’t cramped). I moved to a large private house. From the benefits, I got space and kind of prestige. But worries have increased, i.e., the costs of repairs, heating, the improvement of additional rooms, taxes, plus cleaning have increased.

The same with the territory. We take, we get space like prestige, well, the border with Kazakhstan. The load is land, which will have to be landscaped (investment into infrastructure), and then maintained. We get a fifth column in the form of local Vankas, who, apart from drinking, can’t do anything and don’t want to know how to do something, and who will just shout about democracy, and that they also have rights, and will constantly accuse us of capturing them and that we are occupiers. Permanent international courts on the topic of the legality of the seizure of territory are also possible.

Now let’s talk about the border of Kazakhstan. In the event of a complete collapse of the Russian Federation, we will already have borders, even if not with Kazakhstan, so with others, what’s the difference, we can agree with anyone  on mutually beneficial terms. Bordering on a large state like Kazakhstan is more of a minus than a plus. Constant threat of occupation, constant pressure. (Let the Republic of Belarus bear this burden.) And for those who believe that Kazakhstan is our friends, I will say, yes, the Kazakhs are our brothers, but there are no friends in politics, but there are interests.

Therefore, I appeal to everyone, let’s first liberate and build an independent state on our land. And let’s leave imperialism to the rashists.


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